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A Bag with a Purpose

The world's only luxury coat bag
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What People Are Saying


Great Gift Idea
Barbara Dugally / Interior Designer / Dana Point, CaliforniaI first heard about the Abrigo Bag while traveling in Amsterdam. What a perfect solution for a traveler who needs to deal with a coat. It is a great gift idea, in fact I just ordered one for my friend's birthday.
Indispensable Travel Companion
Jeanne Gauer / Realtor / Columbus, OhioI don't know how I ever traveled without my Abrigo Bag. During the winter months, my husband and I fly frequently to our second home in southern Florida. How grand it has been to have an elegant coat carrier instead of using my arm - or my husband's arm - for a coat hanger! Thank you Abrigo - you are an indispensable travel companion!
Exactly What I Needed
Dee Cunningham / Interior Designer / Johannesburg, South AfricaI was traveling in Australia where I bought a vintage natural mink coat, a rare find, and I was appalled at the airport to be handed a filthy tray for my coat - actually I've never seen such a dirty tray. This bag is exactly what I needed. Not to mention, long coats are difficult to carry and are always slipping off my arm.
Perfect in Any Climate
Kate Whaley / Account Executive / New York City, NYAs the daughter of an American Airlines pilot, I have the opportunity to travel frequently and one of the places I visit most is Phoenix, Arizona. When I travel there in the winter I need my heavy coat when I leave home, but not when I arrive there. The Abrigo Bag gives me the perfect way to transport my coat and keep it handy while traveling between climates.