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About Us - Abrigo Bag

About Abrigo

The World’s Only Luxury Coat Bag... born out of necessity!

Several years ago I got tired of my coat being a nuisance as I traveled and shopped. I hated placing my coat on the sometimes less than sparkling security belt at the airport, and then being forced to stuff it, unprotected, in the overhead compartment or sit on it during a cramped flight. The same winter, while shopping, I became increasingly aggravated as my coat, uncomfortably draped over my arm, kept dragging on the floor of over-heated department stores.

Taking matters into my own hands, I designed my first Abrigo Bag. From the moment I cut into the fabric I called it an Abrigo Bag – abrigo meaning overcoat in Spanish! I loved the sound of the word and it seemed like a fitting name for my new creation.

To my delight my prototype bag was the adoration of flight attendants, sales clerks, other travelers and shoppers. I loved my Abrigo Bag and really appreciated its usefulness. I decided I wanted everyone to have one!

I consulted my longtime friend, Gail Tentler, and asked her if she would
share her fashion industry experience on this problem-solving venture.
We threw ourselves into the project, and three years later, now have a
beautiful, thoughtfully designed American-made bag for everyone
to enjoy.

The Abrigo Bag's generous size and soft structure serve as a
means to consolidate your belongings! Perfect for travel,
shopping, going to the theatre and restaurants – the
possibilities are limitless. It folds
nicely for storage too!

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Abrigo Bag Ltd
333 West 57th St, Suite 7K
New York, NY 10019
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